MeMy name is Jeffery Davison. My partner of 27 years and I own and operate Antonino Salon and Spa in Birmingham, Michigan, where I manage customer service and social media. One of my passions is finding humor in every day situations and writing about it. I also enjoy writing a fashion blog which can be seen on this site (by clicking on the Antonino Blog) or by following my blog on Antonino Salon's website www.antoninosalon.com. Until I finish my book (I promise to change the names of the innocent and not so innoccent), please enjoy my "tales" and "Micro tales" and see how I have no choice but to live my life through laughter. You can also read all about our experiences in Indonesia, including the "horrifying monkey forest", "catpoochino", and the "rice" incident. All this can be found under the "Indonesia" tab.