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Locker Room Etiquette?

Going to the gym is always a humbling experience. But what happened today is just plain embarrassing.

It all started when I was in the locker room after my workout…

I took off my gym clothes and since I’m not one of those guys who like to walk around the locker room naked for everyone to see, I rapidly wrapped a towel around my waist. I tend do this very quickly, so no one can see how often I don’t hit the gym and since there was an unusually large number of people around today, I changed in record time.

As I was wrapping my towel around my waist, I dropped my “second” towel (the one I use to wipe down the machines) on the floor, right behind a guy who was still dressed and facing his locker.

Since he was facing away from me and was busy texting on his phone, he was clueless that my towel was right at his heels. I considered leaving it there, but I was afraid he would take a step back and stumble on it. I tried getting his attention by saying, “excuse me”, but he wasn’t listening.

I didn’t know what to do, I could take a chance that he’d just step on the towel and everything would be fine or I could pick it up and spare this guy from a potential gym related injury. I only had a moment to think about it, so decided to go for it.

Then it happened…

At the very moment that I stealthily bent over to pick up the towel, he abruptly pulled down both his gym shorts and underwear in one fall swoop and since I was in his space, his elbow knocked me right on the top of my head. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I then proceeded to fall back onto the bench where my “big” towel (which was barely covering me to begin with) came untied, exposing my pale and very un-gym-worthy body to everyone.

I was so stunned that I couldn’t say anything. I mean, how do I explain to a man why my head was eye level with his now, bare ass and close enough to kiss it?

So, I did what any other person would do when faced with this situation-I stood up, re-wrapped the towel around my waist and confidently walked to the showers like nothing happened.

Next time-I think I'll just leave it.










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