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Isn't that Special?

Today, as I was headed to my Botox appointment, a nice woman with two kids was walking into the building at the same time as me. For those of you that don’t get Botox, when you’re due for it, your wrinkles appear deeper than you like and you just feel old.

Anyway, she had the nicest little boy; not only did he hold the door for his mom, who was carrying his younger brother in her arms (at least I think it was his brother), he came back and held it open for me. Mind you this sweet little boy was only four or five. Then as we all entered the elevator, he asked me what floor I was going to and pushed the button for me. I remarked to the lady how polite her son was, and then I asked her is she ever seen the movie “Elf”. I told her that his pushing the button for me reminded me of the scene where Elf pushed all the buttons on the elevator for the man riding with him making it stop on every floor.

Then she looked at me funny and asked, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Dana Carvey?” I said “NO” and then her sweet little boy turned into a demon and started jumping up and down chanting “CHURCH LADY! CHURCH LADY! CHURCH LADY!”

When the elevator door opened on the fourth floor, I ran to the office and demanded extra injections.